Headquarters Staff Visitor Form

In an effort to promote stronger partnerships between the institute and headquarter staff (i.e. consultants, regional directors, grand council, etc.), Fraternity & Sorority Life has developed this form to collect information prior to any campus visits. In advance of your travels we ask that you complete this form providing us with valuable information so we can prepare for your arrival. Moreover, this form is intended to take our interaction to the next level and provide opportunities to learn and grow from one another. We strive for strong partnerships between the institute and all of the fraternal organizations represented on our campus. We look forward to your arrival and wish you safe travels. 
Date of arrival to campus:
Date of departure from campus:
Will you need to park a car while on campus?
Will you need wifi access while you're on campus?
Is this your first time visiting Atlanta, Georgia?
Do you plan on meeting with a institute staff member during your visit?
Please indicate any reports or documentation that you would like to review during your visit. You may also ask any questions here in advance of your visit for us to prepare to talk through. 

(i.e. academic reports, recruitment statistics, etc.)
Would you like to be put in contact with any other consultants that may be visiting our campus during the same time?
Do you require any additional accommodations during your visit?