Event Registration Form 2019

General Information

This form is to register CPC events (social, sisterhood, philanthropy, etc.). Any event that a chapter wants published on the CPC calendar as well as any time your chapter organizes an event off-campus should be registered using this form . 

Please be sure to register events at least one week in advance as per the CPC standing rules. If registration is done at a later date of the event, please contact Mary-Catherine Bryant at cvp.gtcpc@gmail.com to ensure the event will be accounted for. This form verifies that all events held by chapters of our community are meeting CPC Guidelines and Standing Rules that were approved and voted on April 2018.  If these rules and guidelines are not met, then further action will be taken through the CPC Executive Vice President.

Not filling out this form with result in a warning. If there is a second infraction, the chapter will be charged with a $20 donation to Circle of Sisterhood.

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Please fill this out in the case that CPC has any questions about the event
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List the chapter advisor who is aware of and can confirm details of this event
Event type:
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Start date and time of event
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